Special Educational Needs – Local Offer in Nursery school

An overview of the provision for children with SEND at The Limes Nursery School and Children’s Centre.

Children’s Centre Services
We provide a wide range of groups and services in response to local needs, at the centre, in the community and in the home. We support individual families in nurturing and managing relationships, positive behaviour, daily routines, the importance of play and offer practical solutions and advice to everyday challenges. The family support team work in partnership with health professionals and provide information and support.

Willow Room (Provision for children aged two-three)
We offer a safe, nurturing and enriching environment where children are happy to explore and learn. The ratio of staff to children is one to four. The team provides inclusive and individual support for children with a range of additional needs. The Willow team, and more specifically the child’s key person, aims to develop positive and supportive relationships with children and their families, making links with the children’s centre and family support services. The senco works alongside children, families and the team, liaising with other agencies to establish early identification of children’s additional needs.

Nursery Classes, Green and Red Rooms (Provision for children aged three-four)
We offer an inclusive approach that aims to provide all children with high quality teaching and learning opportunities, responding to children’s individual needs and learning styles. The ratio of staff to children is one to ten. We deliver a broad, balanced curriculum and a well resourced learning environment, both inside and outside. We aim to work in partnership with parents/carers and a range of other agencies, enabling us to identify children’s additional needs and requirements and to provide effective support.


Download the document for more information: sen-local-offer